Friday, February 1, 2013

Times Were Different

So going through and pulling all I have out on my Grandpa's life was quite fun, but I also started a list of questions to ask my Grandma the next time I saw her.  It is a good thing she loves me and doesn't run when I say, "I just have a couple questions Grandma".  Today I had a chance to ask her a few things.  Over the years we have found some random postcards that Grandpa had written to her while he was enlisted.  One of them was written shortly after he enlisted.

So my first question was: "Grandma did you know that Grandpa enlisted or was this a surprise postcard?"  Grandma said that she did know he was going to, they were in school together and he wanted "no part of graduation".    I then asked her how much she had seen or heard from Grandpa before he was shipped over seas.  She then looked at me and told me "the world was a lot different back then" you couldn't come and go like we do now.  (smile) She knows I like things yesterday!  She said she only saw him once before he was shipped overseas and never actually knew where he was until after the war.  She just wrote to APO addresses and he wasn't allowed to say where he was the few letters that made it home. It was a long time in between updates and learning what was happening.


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