Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why did he move?

Sometime before or during the Tennessee Maneuvers in March of 1944 Hopkins was moved from the 517th to the 513th PIR.  We are not sure exactly why or when he was moved, but one story we have heard from several sources was that Hopkins was in a fight with a guy.  When he swung, he missed and punched a wall which broke his wrist.  He later claimed, and had guys back his story, that he had fallen roller skating so he would not get into trouble over the incident.

One other clue we have for Hopkin’s broken wrist is from a letter that Ruby saved from her brother Guy D. Rogers who was also serving in the war.  He says “…I’m sorry to hear that Johnny, having his wrist broke…”  Guy's letter was dated 15 June 1944.  Ruby must have written to her brother about what ever happened to Hopkins.

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