Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Hopkins Family

This is the Oliver Hopkins Family.   I thought maybe you should meet them all as they will probably end up at some point in the story.  Oliver Hopkins and Rose Stine met and married in Akron, Ohio while working at Goodyear.  Oliver was born in Slate, Wood County, West Virginia and Rose was born in Sardis, Monroe County, Ohio.  Oliver and Rose had ten children: Ova Alberta, Orville Oren aka Bud, John Sheridan, Ruth Inez, Clarence Donald, Paul Eugene, Anna May, Jack Douglas, Harry Lewis and Alice Fay (listed in birth order).  Many of the children were born in different places, Parkersburg, West Virginia, Woodsfield, Ohio, Akron, Ohio, and Atwater, Ohio.  Oliver worked at Goodyear and was a preacher for the Church of Christ in a few different churches through the years.  Bud and John both served in World War II. Bud served in the Navy.

I'll always be grateful that I knew my Great Grandma Rose and sad I was never able to meet my Great Grandfather Oliver.  I had ten years with Rose and she impacted those few years a lot.   I remember going to visit her and listening to the stories of her growing up.  I still remember one visit when she told us about how when the snow got too deep in Woodsfield they'd hook the horses up to the sleigh and ride around in the winter wonderland all bundled up.  To me it sounded like great fun.  She attended every birthday party and every holiday event as well as every Sunday morning at church.  She couldn't write well due to her ever increasing Parkinson's disease, so she would type notes, cards and letters to us.  I love coming across those notes she wrote to us.  Things for us to remember and hold on to.  Rose almost lived to her 91st birthday.  She was a special treasure to our family.


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