Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jumping & not always landing where you wanted to...

According to John S. Hopkins, he is the guy on the left with the little x under him.  The back of the photo states the following: "That x is me and that picture was taken on one of my jumps, the one where I had to make a true landing. It was taken by one of my buddies, Willard Wyatt Ogden, Utah. I hit a big pine not shown but off to the left of the picture. Johnny"

It is quite fun looking through these photos of John practicing his jumps.  This is the only place so far where he has mentioned some of the men he served with.  In another photo, he mentions his best buddy Private Weber.  A highlight of my year in 2007, I found Private Weber, you can imagine my happy dance when he wrote back.  We exchanged a letter or two and let me say it was very exciting to find him.  I was never able to find Willard.  But don't forget, any little clue you find is worth tracking down, you never know where it could lead to next.


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