Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Thomas Milton Rogers

In keeping with the Thomas theme in my family, below is Thomas Milton Roger's tombstone.  He is buried in Burns Cemetery, Preston County, West Virginia.  See my previous post for more information on Thomas' family.  When his wife Minnie died in 1967, a new joint stone was erected next to Thomas' old stone.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Memorial Mondays ~ Thomas Milton Rogers

Thomas Milton Rogers has always intrigued me.  Thomas is my Great Great Grandfather.  He was the first born child of John Rogers (he has his own research issues if you can imagine!) and Rebecca Jane Murray, born 4 August 1872 in Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia.  Thomas married Minnie Jane Hartsell on 29 November 1896 in Preston County, West Virginia. They were married by Minnie's father, Robert A. Hartsell, a Civil War Veteran.  Thomas was baptized in the Old German Baptist Church in May of 1898.  Minnie and Thomas had five boys and one girl.  Sadly, Thomas was struck in the head while cutting timber a month after his daughter was born.  He never recovered from the blow.  He died on 10 May 1906 in the Reno District of Preston County, West Virginia.  Thomas was buried in Burns Cemetery, Rowlesburg, Preston County, West Virginia, on a mountain of course.
The one odd thing is, for some reason in family papers we have a typed copy of the obituary.  The next task for Thomas is to locate the original.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wild Wednesday in Genealogy ~ Era Newton Littrick

It was a wild Wednesday for one of my relatives on the 28th of May 1958.  Although, maybe after traffic court he wasn't as wild....Era Newton Littrick plead guilty at the Mansfield Municipal Court in Mansfield, Ohio to minor traffic charges.  He was fined for improper passing on Route 42.  Better watch out, you never know when you might get caught and it will stick around for your relatives to find out years later!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Thomas Bartlett Hopkins

Thomas Bartlett Hopkins was born 5 February 1830 in Monongalia County, Virginia to John R. & Edith Bartlett  Hopkins.  He was the 4th of 5 children born to John and Edith.  Thomas married Mary Potts on 1 March 1849, together they had 4 children.  Sometime after the birth of their 4th child, Julia, Mary died.  Thomas then married Emma Amelia Connolly 4 August 1856.  They had 12 children together, of whom, Samuel is my ancestor. 

A few months after Thomas' 8th child was born in 1862, he enlisted in the Civil War becoming a Corporal in Company F of the 11th West Virginia Infantry.  Thomas served for three years.  According to his pension claim that was "filed October 31 1877 That while in the line of duty at New Creek West Va on or about the 4th of August 1864, he received a gun shot wound in the left leg, the ball passing through the leg at the knee joint, between the joint of the knee and large leaders or tendons of the leg, severing some of the leaders and interfering with his moving about". After healing in the Union Hospital for some time, Thomas was discharged in 1865. 

Thomas went home and continued to work on his farm with his many children until he died on 10 August 1897 in Wood County, West Virginia.  He was buried at Salisbury, Wood County, West Virginia.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Memorial Mondays ~ John Stine

One of my shortest obituaries is for John Stine.  John was born 4 April 1821 in Greene Co., PA to Michael B. & Hannah Jane Alton Stine.  He was one of 15 known children. John moved to Monroe Co., OH with his parents. It was there that he met and married Rebecca Milner 8 September 1842.  Rebecca died in 1846 about a year after the birth of their second child.  John then married Elizabeth Eckelberry, daughter of Abraham & Hannah Dawson Eikleberry, on 8 September 1847.  They went on to have 10 children together, of whom Isaac is my ancestor.  John died of typhoid fever on 8 June 1886 in Monroe Co., OH.  He is buried in West Union Cemetery in Monroe Co., OH.  John's obit appeared in the  Monroe Gazette, Woodsfield, Monroe, Co., OH on 18 June 1886. 

Isaac Edward Stine died 8 days later of typhoid fever on 16 June 1886.  No obituary has been found for him.  He was only 35 years old & had 9 young children with his wife, Rosanna Henthorn.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Memorial Mondays ~ Elizabeth Nouvier Gardner

With all obituaries you need to be on your toes.  You are not sure who gave the newspaper their information, so you have to assume that there will be mistakes. There could also be valuable clues to lead you to more sources.  With Elizabeth's above obituary it was also reinforced that you need to search multiple counties for an obituary.  Elizabeth died in Canal Fulton where she was living at the time but her obit was published in the Wayne County Newspaper, not the Stark or Summit County Newspaper.
Using original records, Elizabeth's birth date is wrong in the obit, it is 27 January 1809.  She was born in France as Elisabethe Nouvier.  The Gaertner/Gardners came to America about 1831, not 1828.  In 1828, they were still in France, they had two children that were born in died there before they left for America.
So don't forget to track down all of those wonderful obituaries waiting for you to find!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your Genea-Bucket List

Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Fun! ~
Are you ready for Saturday Night, and more Genealogy Fun??  I hope so!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

Knowing that a "Bucket List" is a wish list of things to do before death:

1)  What is on your Genealogy Bucket List?  What research locations do you want to visit?  Are there genea-people that you want to meet and share with?  What do you want to accomplish with your genealogy research?  List a minimum of three items - more if you want!

2)  Tell us about it in a blog post of your own (please give me a link in Comments), a comment to this post in Comments, or a status line or comment on Facebook.

Think big!  Have fun!  Life is short - do genealogy first! 

Well that is tough call!  I want to do so much! :)
1.  First up for me would be to be able to attend the Boston University Course.
2. Attend NGS, FGS, OGS & go to Salt Lake all in one year!  Oh and NIGR and play at the Archives too!
3. Head to KY to tour a few counties to do research as well as Frankfort to the Archives and Historical Society!
4.  Go to Scotland!!  To do research and track down those ancestors.
5.  Can't forget, Must go to Moselle, France to see where all my French ancestors were from, sigh, that would be an awesome genealogy moment!! 

What's on your Genea-Bucket List?