Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Memorial Mondays ~ Elizabeth Nouvier Gardner

With all obituaries you need to be on your toes.  You are not sure who gave the newspaper their information, so you have to assume that there will be mistakes. There could also be valuable clues to lead you to more sources.  With Elizabeth's above obituary it was also reinforced that you need to search multiple counties for an obituary.  Elizabeth died in Canal Fulton where she was living at the time but her obit was published in the Wayne County Newspaper, not the Stark or Summit County Newspaper.
Using original records, Elizabeth's birth date is wrong in the obit, it is 27 January 1809.  She was born in France as Elisabethe Nouvier.  The Gaertner/Gardners came to America about 1831, not 1828.  In 1828, they were still in France, they had two children that were born in died there before they left for America.
So don't forget to track down all of those wonderful obituaries waiting for you to find!

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