Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Heirlooms

Have you thought about documenting your heirlooms that are living? This Bleeding Heart came from my husband's Grandma. Grandma's Bleeding Heart was huge! After she passed away, her daughters and I went over and each took home a piece of her beautiful Bleeding Heart to grow in our gardens like she did.

Karola Wavalee Ware Teagle was born 5 May 1935 at Cox's Mills, West Virginia and passed away 15 September 2008 in Fairlawn, Summit County, Ohio.
We will have our memories of Grandma's love and her love of flowers will live on.

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  1. You are so kind to think of mom on her 75th birthday. She would want you to enjoy all of nature the way she did. There are many treasures in my soul that she passed to me in her love for life and others. Please take a flower today and remember her love for them. Not to the grave for she is not there. She would want us to enjoy them ourselves and she is looking down in love and encouragement.