Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back Up Day

If you know me you'll know that sometimes my computer and I don't get along...I have become an expert at backing up my computer as it had a nasty tendency to crash all the time on me! I have since replaced that computer with a new one last month.
I keep CDs, flash drives, an external hard drive, and a Mozy account back up...just to cover all of my bases.
If you don't back up you need to start right now!!


  1. I found the blog. I'm now a follower. The backup advice is good. Check out MS SkyDrive for 25 Gb of free space. I'm still learning about it. I think I can use it to share information with others. That could be handy.

  2. That's interesting, I'll have to check out MS SkyDrive. I haven't heard of that one before.