Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Frank & William Laymire

"Newburg Shaft Explosion Killed 39 in 1996
Explosion of Fire Damp
In the Deep Shaft
On Last Thursday Afternoon,
January 21st
Not a Man Escaped to
Tell the Sad, Sad Story
AN AWFUL CALAMITY" and The Preston County Journal, Thursday, January 19, 1962 in West Virginia, goes on to recount the horrible news of the mine explosion. In January of 1886 three other articles were located on the mine explosion, one in Augusta, Maine; Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday January 26th at 4:50 pm, the decomposed bodies of William and Frank Laymire were brought up out of the mine. "William and Frank Laymire, near Independence, twin brothers, went to work in the mine on Monday before the day of the explosion. Their brother lately cut his throat in the asylum at Weston, the particulars of which were published in this paper." The Preston County Journal, Thursday, January 19, 1962. (This would be their brother, Samuel Henry Laymire, I have yet to get all of the details on his death)

William and Frank were born to William and Maria Louisa (Shafferman) 20 May 1862 in Preston County, Virginia. The twins were buried together with their mother and siblings in Bethel Cemetery, Scotch Hill, Preston County, West Virginia.


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