Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surname Saturday ~ Stone

Happy Surname Saturday! Today I am going to share my Stone Family. The Stones married my Coghan family. My Stone Family doesn't go to far back:
Helen Jean Stone Coghan b. 1932 Ohio
Charles Henry Stone b. 1907 Hickman County, Kentucky
James Henry Stone b. 1863 Missouri
Amon Stone b. 1819 North Carolina

Amon keeps me hopping. I had lost him for a little while, but then a marriage record in Missouri popped up on a search and found him in the census with a new wife, same kids. I then went to look at a map and figured out that Hickman County, Kentucky and Mississippi County, Missouri were across the river from each other. Note to self ~ Look at maps sooner!

Amon also has fun in the census. In 8 May 1850 he and Sarah Parsons were married in Mississippi County, Missouri. 21 July 1850 Amon and Sarah are back in Hickman County, Kentucky making a living as a blacksmith. But on 7 September 2010 the Stones were back in Mississippi County, Missouri for a visit with the in laws and were enumerated again!

One day, I will find where Amon's parents are!


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