Friday, September 3, 2010

Follow Friday ~ The Perceived Age Demographic in Genealogy

Thomas MacEntee over at and Marian Pierre-Louis at both discussed the Perceived Age Demographic in Genealogy; after the Family Tree Magazine interviewed a handful of younger people in their latest magazine. As some people commented on their posts, I have often heard that voice behind me say, "Are you even old enough to do genealogy?"!

I have now been researching my family since 2000. My Grandma is the one who dabbled in the family history and got me hooked at an early age. Because of her and her neighbor who also was a researcher, I am now heavily involved in my local Genealogical Society. They meet on the weekends, which makes it easy for someone like me who works during the week. Dues are inexpensive and they provide quality programs to learn from.

I agree with the other people who posted comments on Thomas and Marian's blogs. Us "young people" do not have enough money and/or vacation time to go to all the conferences. I have yet to attend a National Conference, but the Ohio State Conference, closer and for just 3 days, is much easier to accomplish.

I will say tho, as I come around the curve of 30 years old here soon, I find that lately that I am not the youngest anymore. That makes me happy, but I also know how the younger people coming in feel. I look out for them at conferences and meetings, to encourage and support them. We as the "younger people" may have much to learn, but learn we do through the many technology outlets, print information and through conferences. I have learned a lot through all my friends at the Genealogy Society who welcomed me and taught me many things. Not everyone is as welcoming as they could be to the next generation. We can learn a lot from each other.

On another note, I was a little surprised to see all four adds in the Family Tree Magazine, I think there is someone out there that could compile some better statistics on the Genealogical Audience out here. We might be different ages and demographics, but we are all working the same goal, where is my ancestor!


And one last thing :) Have you ever planned a Genealogy Fun Day with your Genealogical Society? I planed one for ours, we invited the whole family, kids, grandkids, etc. We had genealogical activities planned for all ages to work together with the person who does genealogy in the family. We had stations set up around the room and provided snacks. It was a hit! Never stop looking for ways to include everyone, no matter their age.

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  1. I was one of the younger folks in the room when I started out. I was right around 30 or so. I have to say though, I never felt out of place, or "different." I've always found that people (even outside of genealogy) will treat you in the same manner you present yourself - regardless of other factors. If you present yourself as a serious, courteous researcher, you will usually be treated that way whether you are 20, 80, or somewhere in between. Unfortunately, I am starting to edge closer to that perceived "genealogy demographic"!