Thursday, September 16, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Recipes

Isn't it great to find out your ancestors can write?  It is always fun to find something they had written not just signed or marked.  Given to me by my Grandmother, is this recipe written by Minnie Jane Hartsell Rogers Nose.  My Grandmother knew Minnie, I wish I had.  She sounds like she was a really interestng person and boy the things she has seen.

Minnie was born 16 February 1879 in Preston County, West Virginia to Robert A. Hartsell and Mary Neff.  Minnie married Thomas Milton Rogers 26 November 1896 in Preston County.  Thomas died 10 May 1906 from being struck in the head by falling timber, leaving Minnie with six children under the age of ten. 

Minnie lived until 20 March 1967.  We are not sure of the date when Minnie wrote out her recipe for Pumpkin Cake, but we know she wrote it down for the family.  For me it is very neat to have something that my Great Great Grandmother wrote down for us, I bet she liked Pumpkin Cake.



  1. Awesome, it looks like the paper I used to write out recipes on back in the early 1960s