Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Unrelated Family

Have you ever toured a cemetery just for the fun of it? A friend of mine and fellow Genealogist, Julie and I were on a Research Trip to Frankfort, Kentucky last weekend. We decided since the Archives and the Historical Society were closed, the next best thing would be to track down Daniel Boone's grave and then for fun drive around the cemetery!
We did find Daniel Boone, but we also came across many interesting and amazing stones. Some of the most elaborate and biggest stones we had ever seen. Mr. Boone is buried (or supposedly buried according to some people...) at Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Kentucky, just outside of downtown.
But that is not who I would like to talk about tonight...now I would like to tell you about the Browns. One would think usually that Brown could be boring, (no offense Brown surnames!), but this particular Brown is rather interesting, especially to those who are avid genealogists. As Julie was driving up and down the little road through the cemetery, she or I would say stop and we'd hop out of the car to look at various stones and snap photos. But on this occasion, I began to hollar, STOP, STOP Julie Stop, go back! We have to have a photo of the Brown's tombstone. I hope those who are searching for the Brown family have not come up with a brick wall, because this might slow some down!


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