Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Military Uniforms

You never know what you'll find when you are digging through your Grandparent's attic.  My Grandpa's World War II jacket had been up there for a while until his eldest son took it home with him.  Grandpa's time in the War was not really ever talked about.  It was something Grandpa didn't want to talk about.  After he passed away and I was digging around and asking questions like any good genealogist would, I found out from my Uncle that Grandpa talked about the War with him once and only once.  My Uncle filled me in on what he knew and I took the research from there.  We had my Grandpa's discharge papers so I went to the Military and ordered his medals.  I found out from my Uncle that my Grandpa had thrown them away when he got home and didn't want them.  Once the medals arrived I sent them to my Uncle and he placed them on the jacket where they should be.  He then had professional photos taken of the jacket and we surprised my Grandmother with the photos.  She was very pleased.  I understand why my Grandpa didn't want to talk about it and share, but we wanted to honor him and all he went through as a Paratrooper in World War II and as a German POW.
To Grandpa John, the best Grandpa in the world!

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