Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday's Thrills

I went to the Recorder's Office today to continue working on a deed project for the Norton Historical Society here in Summit County, Ohio.  I pulled over 50 deeds to get started.  But while pulling the deeds, I found two deeds that are for cemeteries in Norton.  Will be interesting to see if they are for the two known cemeteries or if they are for a now non-existant cemetery.
I also found an interesting deed as follows:
"David Hudson
Stephen Upson
Received Hudson Decemr 6th of David Hudson, a certian three year old black cow which I am to keep for her milk untill the first day of May next and at that time return to said Hudson at his dwelling house in good flesh unless said cow is killed by falling of trees, by wind, biting of snakes or killing by lightening or in case I do not return said cow on that day, I am to pay for said cow in good Merchantable yard wide linnen brown cloth at thirty three & one third cents pr. yard. The cow to remain Hudsons property, untill returned or paid for as above. The cow is valued at Fourteen Dollars.
Stephen Upson
Ebenezer Sheldon
George Kilbourn
Recvd March 30th & Recorded April 2nd 1811
Wm Wetmore, Recorder"
Deeds, A: 424, Summit County Recorder's Office, Akron, Ohio


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