Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Memorials ~ Howard M. Stine

It is always fun to flesh our the bones of our ancestors.  This weekend I had a chance to do that.  My Mom and I traveled down to Monroe County, Ohio.  On Sunday we met Don and Alvin Thompson and their families for lunch in Woodsfield.   (I think by the end of the meal we figured we were related in someway to most all the patrons!)   Don, his wife and Alvin are related to us thru the Stine and Hayes branches of our families.  They have also been neighbors to many of my ancestors including Oliver & Rose Stine Hopkins, which provided us a lot to talk about.  Among those things were family stories, of course.  My favorite one of the weekend was about my Great Uncle Howard Stine.  According to Don, Howard worked as a janitor at the Laings Church of Christ and rang the church bell on Sundays or as needed.  He always sat in the left front pew all the way to the left and his brother George sat in the right front pew all the way to the right!  The best part about Howard was his nickname, Booger!  How many of you can say you had an Uncle Booger?


Howard M. Stine was born 16 Apr 1906 in Monroe County, Ohio to John C. Stine and Ina Dye, the 7th of 10 children.

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