Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun ~ Brick Walls

Tonight's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is all about your brick walls. I know you all have them, I have them as well as many people I know. I am continually learning new ways to knock down those walls. I hope you are too!
My stubborn wall, who I have put aside at the moment is my Cog(h)an line.
John Bradley Cogan was born 23 January 1872 probably that is in Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania to Richard Cogan and Mary Deplante (who was supposedly born in Canada). I pretty much have John's life down after he marries in Summit County, Ohio in 1892 to Catherine Conlin. Before that is my problem. I cannot seem to find hide nor hair of Richard and the family. I have found no possible siblings or birth information. I have possibly located a Mary and a son Jonathan in Titusville in 1880, but that is a little sketchy to me too.
Anyone out there have a clue for me?

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